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So Who Is The BodyFit Gym Buddy?
Hi there I’m Francis, and I help chefs get in to the best shape of their lives.  

I don’t stay ripped all year round… I’m fine with that!

I’m just a regular guy who knows the importance of nutrition and training. And someone who also has to try his best to not gain fat around the waistline.
I am a qualified chef and had a career that took me through the likes of The Dorchester hotel, Park lane, Crown plaza and Radisson group to name a few.

The buzz of service and the precision of a beautifully presented, and well balanced dish with all the right flavours, was what made being a chef so exciting, I loved it.

 I was passionate about what I did then, and now with health and fitness, I deliver that same energy to the guys I help with online coaching.
The BodyFit service was created in 2010 and it’s been an exciting journey so far.  Now I have brought the service to you, online.

Being a qualified personal trainer and registered nutritionist, I have been able to help 1000's of guys transform their body, FAST.

This FREE 7 Day Nutrition and Training Challenge has been designed to give you everything you need for rapid fat loss and muscle gain.
Check it out and I'll see you on the other side

Lost 3kg of body fat
Less bloating and slimmer waist
Built 2kg lean muscle
Improved mental focus
Boosted energy levels

Using the BodyFit gym buddy app for training is brilliant. It gives you step by step guides to your weekly workout routines.

Each exercise comes with a video showing you the right technique and you can track you reps and weight to track progress.

It’s so easy to use and as it’s on your phone then there’s no more carrying around a note book to record info. 

It’s become an essential tool for my training and couldn’t be with out it.
Lost 1 and 1/2 Stone
Fittest He’s Ever Been
Learned How To Train For Guaranteed Results
Improved Confidence and Renewed Energy
Knows The Simple Nutrition Secrets That Drop Body Fat Fast
Now Has a New Plan For Consistent Progress
Lost 2 Stone
Regularly runs half Marathons
Gained a much stronger core
Now has a group of other guys on the exact same journey as him

Need More Proof?
Here are just some of the results our members have had The BodyFit System...
"I have gone from 16 stone of fat to being on stage in my first ever fitness model show weighing in at 13 of lean muscle.

Francis has guided me all the way and made sure that I was fully motivated even on my low days.
His diet plans are strict but are enjoyable and easy to follow.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone from beginner up. 

Even if you think you know it all it’s good to have a friend in your pocket

Thank you, Francis the gym buddy is the beast that drives your sessions"

"Francis is a truly great guy.
It takes a lot for me to write an endorsement but I can proudly say that if you are looking for a superb training plan that delivers results you need to speak to Francis. 

I found him personable approachable and above all knowledgeable, 

He got me results and I am looking forward to working with him further. A true gent "

“I have lost over a stone in weight, toned and built muscle I thought I never had so thanks Francis it’s the best I’ve felt in years. 

I started the program with Francis in November and found it really tough at the start. Now it’s completed it’s the best thing I’ve ever done”
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